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Fall 2017: So True! Despite What You’ve Heard

  We’re used to juggling competing truth claims and “alternative facts” on different news channels. But Truth is still true! Jesus consistently refuted conventional wisdom and replaced it with the Truth by saying, ”You have heard it said. . . .  but I say to you.” This session of IronWorks will challenge your thinking, your will, and [...]


Spring 2017: “You the MAN!”

You the MAN! And she loves that about you. It is in you. You were designed for leading and loving. Every woman looks for this, and thrives when she finds it in you. Recognize the man you already are, and move toward giving more of yourself. Your wife will notice and respect the man you [...]


Winter 2017: “I Press On!”

Two things help us change for the better: solid hope and living examples. This session of IronWorks highlights the four core spiritual realities that give us hope and strength.
These will be made memorable and accessible by hearing the stories of men who have not let their past history, struggles, addictions and crises define their future.


Fall 2016: “Religion and Politics”

Religion & Politics: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel.


Spring 2016: “Dangerous Men: All In”

Dangerous men are convinced. They have clarity. They feel called. They cannot be distracted nor intimidated by the culture, peer pressure, or the unknown. They are dangerous to the cult of low expectations and the status quo. They are like Nehemiah, who dared to follow God. They are the kind of man I want to be!


Winter 2016: “The Dude’s Guide to Marriage”

What do women want? What does MY wife want? It’s not an unsolvable mystery, but it takes more than good intentions. It requires consistent practices that display your love for her.

Sword and Bible image representing the Fall 2015 Ironworks Series, "Yes Man"

Fall 2015: “Yes Man: Stepping Up to What I Stand For”

Yes Man: Showing my world what I’m “for,” not just what I’m against. Real followers of Jesus say “Yes” more than they say “No.” They lean into the wind. They are proactive, creative, engaging and joyful. They are living from the center where God is present every day, and history is held in his hand.


Spring 2015: “DADvantage: Every child needs one”

DADvantage: Every child needs one. Pastors Ben Holden and Roger Thompson team up to encourage and equip every man to take advantage of the most powerful influence in the world: being a DAD.

Man with hand on steering wheel, driving in traffic

Winter 2015: “Mastering Mondays”

Are you commuting between two works: work and faith?


Fall 2014: “WISE APP! Wisdom when you need it”

The wisdom from Proverbs can too easily become Dr. Phil’s good advice to live a good, moral life. However, the first six chapters place the center of wisdom in the heart. Join us as we explore God’s goodness to teach us these life skills which bring life and prevent injury in a confusing and dangerous world.

Do The Next Right Thing

Spring 2014: “Do The Next Right Thing!”

Hard choices can be good choices. Don’t miss Pastor Roger’s “signature” teaching series on 2nd Peter 1:1-8

Prepping: What will YOU do in the end?

Winter 2014: “PREPPING: What will YOU do in the end?”

When things go from bad to worse. . . . Where will you turn? What will you rely on? Who will you include? How far will you go?

Picture of a reset button

Fall 2013: “Do-Overs: Prepare for your Comeback!”

This season we’ll teach and model that God, in His grace, grants us “Do-overs.” When we think there is no way out, no way back, no time to recover, God is just beginning our amazing comeback

2013.04.05 IronWorks Spring_web_300x150-01 (1)

Spring 2013: “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

Becoming the friend you always wanted to be.

The Four Faces of a Man - You've got what it takes

Winter 2013: Four Faces of a Man

Son. Father. Husband. Leader. IronWorks explores the four faces of a man.

Closeup of eyes of sweating, exercising man

Fall 2012: Holy Sweat

Let’s not lie to ourselves: our “professional” and “spiritual” lives aren’t two separate things. Pursue a life of God-honoring work. Redeem work from the curse. Serve God in every occupation.


Spring 2012: Loving People (Core Strength Training 201)

Building your core strength is essential, not for preening but for pulling. It’s for others. Strength from God gets transferred into practical commitments and relationships when we apply God’s moral blueprint to our world.

IronWorks Strength Training 101 series poster

Winter 2012: Loving God (Core Strength Training 101)

When it comes to physical conditioning it’s essential to build a strong core. The same is true for spiritual training as well. And the core elements of our faith-the essentials-are found way back in the ten commandments. Examine what it takes to get spiritually fit at our core.

Micah Project

Fall 2011 – The Micah Project: Justice

What does the Lord require of His men? Micah 6:8 spells it out succinctly.


Spring 2011: Real Men of Genius

We can learn from anyone, and sometimes a bad example instructs best. Taking a serious look at foolishness of biblical proportions will heighten our vigilance and cause some deep character assessment.


Winter 2011: Street Cred: Just Show Me

We are all being judged. Co-workers and neighbors make snap judgments about the credibility of our faith based on how they see us living it. Do I have “Street Cred” based on the way I, work, spend, speak, play, and respond to hard things?


Fall 2010: Steering Through The Potholes

No one has a smooth ride all the time. Life, like a Minnesota road, is riddled with potholes. They surprise us. They hurt us. They slow our progress and can leave us bent and broken.

Game On! Play Hurt

Spring 2010: Game On! Play Hurt

“Game On! Play Hurt” is the call from the Coach to His men to lean into their fatigue and trust Him for the victory on the field of life.

Winter 2010: 8 Things Every Man Can Give

Winter 2010: 8 Things Every Man Can Give

Our Winter 2010 series, “Eight Things Every Man Can Give”, is a call for a man to rally his true, masculine strength toward the giving of himself, giving instead of coasting, giving what he has instead of waiting for perfection.

Fall 2009: True Lives

Fall 2009: True Lives

The Fall 2009 series, “True Lives: You Can’t Fake Know-How”, takes a practical look at living an authentic life based on the book of Philippians.

Spring 2009: Sword Mastery

Spring 2009: Sword Mastery

The Spring 2009 Series, “Sword Mastery: Cutting through Chaos”, examines eight areas every man of God must master.